Disinfection Atomizer

COVID – need to regularly disinfect

New coronavirus stable for hours on surfaces* – there is a need to regularly disinfect surfaces of in indoor spaces where people gather – floor to ceiling:

  • Home
  • Hotels
  • Work / Office Places
  • Commercial Spaces – Kitchens, Restaurants, Pubs
  • Cinemas, Malls & Gyms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals & Clinics

Challenges before a cure

  • Vaccines are still in development stage
  • Social Distancing will reduce business volumes, and is not a permanent solution
  • Customers and employees need reassurance of clean and disinfected living / work / study / recreation / entertainment spaces

Challenges on reopening business

  • Expensive sanitizers
  • Expensive to sanitize indoor surfaces using sprayed on chemicals. Some are corrosive or bleach surface material
  • Labour intensive manual work of wiping, cleaning home/work spaces
  • Increased cost of labour & cost of chemical consumables

Solution – IoTIQ AtomizerTM

The IoTIQ AtomizerTM is an innovative solution. Through electrolytic action (without use of heat) it creates a cool disinfectant fog of HOCL. The machine uses available Table Salt and Tap Water - there is no worry about supply shortages, cost or running out of product/reagents. HOCL produced is neutral pH and rapidly dissipates since it is a free-ion. HOCL properties have been known since 1926 – the technology to use is now available for home or office.

  • It is very simple to use:
    • Roll in the IOTIQ AtomizerTM into a room/ space
    • Add tap Water & Salt
    • Switch on
    • Machine will dissipate a fog of HCLO that will disinfect all surfaces – floor to ceiling
    • Switch off when done – 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on room size
  • Get rid of 99% Viruses and Bacteria1
  • US FDA states that HOCL is Food contact Safe22
  • US CDC recognizes the microbiocidal activity of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in its guidelines for disinfection and sterilization in healthcare facilities3
  • Environmentally friendly US EPA guidelines4

Application Areas

The IoTIQ AtomizerTM is simple and easy to deploy in hospitals, schools, hotels, malls, offices, homes, manufacturing units and many other facilities where surface disinfection is required.

IoTIQ AtomizerTM

Fog action ensures disinfectant dissipates across every exposed surface of the room

  • Consumables available anytime (Water and Salt!)
  • Keep it on for 5 minutes for fog to fill up rooms up to 500 sqft and up to 30 Minutes for most large rooms
Click here to download a PDF of the value-proposition

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  • - HOCl species are commonly referred to as free chlorine, which is extremely reactive with numerous components of the bacterial cell.” Page 45-46 WHO
  • - US FDA states that HOCL is Food contact Safe
  • - Guidelines for disinfection and sterilization in healthcare facilities
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