About Us


IOTIQ - A group company of ACS Technologies Limited, a technology company based out of Hyderabad, India. We are IOT Engineers who have come together with the sole aim of innovation. We have always envisioned providing the future in the present and making our surroundings much more smart and ingenious.

We offer a wide array of services catering to the ever growing and ever challenging IT industry.

Our Mission

We offer the products, which will make everyday life a lot easier by offering convenient, time saving, energy saving and technologically advanced products.

Our Vision

Make the world a smarter place by connecting the everyday life of common folk to technology and offer a secure, convenient and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our Values

We leave no stone unturned in serving our customers as they deserve no less. We believe and strive for ownership, customer centric products, transparency, reliability, world class service and product quality.

Our Home Automation Infrastructure is easily adaptable to children, adults and elders alike.
IOTIQ is able to work on its own without any human intervention.

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