Switch Controller

Control all your appliances with our application. IOTIQ mobile app allows you to trigger and regulate appliances when they are connected to our smart switches. The 3-variant switch can track the power consumption and show you the real-time insights on the behavior of applications.

Home automation Switch Controller-IOTIQ


  • Easy Installation
  • Switches have surge protectors inside to handle voltage variations within the circuit
  • No modification required in the internal wiring to install the smart switch – a Retrofit Module
  • Perfect working is ensured even with manual switches
  • Dim your lighting system and regulate fans on a tap
  • Command with the voice on the integration of Google Home or Amazon Alexa
  • Wi-Fi enabled product that works with/without internet connectivity

Technical Specifications:

  • Current Rating – 6A
  • I/P Voltage Rating – 230V/50Hz