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About Smart Hotel

where hospitality meets the technology of tomorrow, where comfort, quality and high-tech luxury meet under the roof of affordability. With IOTIQ Smart hotel solution, we provide hoteliers the chance to enhance their customer service and satisfaction with the power of Internet and IoT technology, and an opportunity to stand apart from the conventional standards of today.

Centralized control

You no longer have to manually keep an eye over the entire infrastructure of your building. No more maintaining manual logs of occupants. Easily go on to the hotel app to view check-ins/check-outs. Broadcast service messages to all your guests via the internet. Minimize wastage of power in your building.

Easy check-in/check-out

Impress your guests with a fast and secure check-in/check-out process using the click and check-in link. With just a tap, the guests gain access to the hotel online app.

BYOD all the way

BYOD- Bring Your Own Device; allows guests to connect to the hotel services by just their phone. This means they can be in touch with the hotel services even if they are away from their room’s landline connection.

Hassle-free guest service app

The app makes it easier for the hotelier to service customer requests with just a tap. Guests can access the hotel app with just a link, without even downloading. With this, they gain automatic connectivity with all hotel services such as Food, Laundry, Room service, plan travel itinerary, see nearby ATMs, cab rentals etc.

Smart energy monitoring

Now the hotelier can cut down on unnecessary power wastage by having the power to switch off any working appliances in unoccupied rooms. Check daily and monthly power consumption statistics to chart your custom energy conservation road map.

Our Hotel Automation Infrastructure is easily adaptable to children, adults and elders alike.
IOTIQ is able to work on its own without any human intervention.

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