1 What are the Technologies used in IOTIQ?

RS485 and RS232 has been used for wired communication and a combination of Wi-Fi , ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy is used for wireless communication.

3 Can my IOTIQ be hacked?

There is a one in a seven hundred and forty three trillion trillion chance of your IOTIQ being hacked. In short, "NO". IOTIQ uses a multilayer authentication protocol so that your data is safe and secure.

4 If I switch off my Sensors will my intelligence stop?

No, if you switch off your sensors only your appliances connected through sensor will stop working via sensory commands, the intelligence will continue to make your life easy and simple.

5 What if IOTIQ stops working?

Please call at our 24X7 customer care who shall be resolving all your queries from our office. Almost all the problems can be sorted out via phone; if in case the issue isn't resolved, our trained professionals shall be coming down to your home to resolve the issue without any charge.

6 How to put IOTIQ on Manual Mode?

In case due to some unfortunate reason IOTIQ stops working, you need to bring down IOTIQ's Room Controller from the mounting hole and toggle the button that is present on the back of the panel. As soon as you do that your appliances shall be operable via Manual switches.

7 Does IOTIQ require Internet to work?

Internet is not mandatory to use IOTIQ. You can use IOTIQ inside your Home premises from your Tab without internet and IOTIQ will continue to show its intelligence.

8 How to connect my mobile to the Tablet Server?

You just need to enter the username and password given to you and you are good to go.

9 How Do I Change My Username or Password?

You need to call at our 24X7 customer desk and request for a change of password or username. Only after authentication through a four digit pin, the caller shall be allowed to change his/her password.

10 Do I need to keep my Tablet Server ON all the time?

Yes, the Tablet actually acts as a local server and handles all the work. You need to keep it on at all times.

11 Will IOTIQ automatically reconnect after power-cut?

As soon as your router is up, IOTIQ will configure itself and get ready to work. You need not move an inch!

12 How does IOTIQ monitor the energy consumption of my Home?

IOTIQ is always monitoring the current flowing through your device. From there it calculates the current energy consumption of your individual appliance.

13 How accurate is the Energy Consumption report?

The Energy Consumption report is as accurate as you want it to be. The Energy Monitoring stops as soon as you put the Room Controller to Manual Mode. The longer you keep the Room Controller on Automated mode, the more accurate your energy report shall be. It has been tested to be 99.97% accurate under the lab conditions and 98% accurate under the typical household scenarios.

14 Upto when can I get my energy data?

You can get your energy data up till previous 2 months from the current date. If you want older data you need to get in touch with us, with a request.