Hostel Automation

Who Are We ?

We are an loT company based in Hyderabad , Telangana that research , develop and manufacture loT products and solutions to different industry verticals including commercial and residential automation projects . With our proprietary loT products and software application , we help building owners optimize resource management along with many more innovative use - cases that can enhance the value of their business .

In this document we'd like to show you in detail , how we can help you cut down expenditures in your day - to - day activities using our loT enabled products and find ways to improve your operational efficiency , bring down costs in your residential renting business .


In Residential Renting Business

Unnecessary power consumption

The primary expenditure in residential renting buildings is power expenditure , especially when they're operated at a large scale . In most buildings , occupants are careless about operating their room appliances . In buildings where there are heavy duty appliances like AC and water heater facility in every room , the effect is amplified as many occupants don't switch them off after usage .

Since most renting businesses run on a fixed monthly rent model , the burden of paying for occupants ' negligent power consumption falls on the building operator . In many hostel buildings , even though authorities do their best to operate appliances only when there are occupants in rooms , many a time , this is not the case . Appliances remain switched on for long durations even when there are no occupants in the room

The burden of paying
for occupants ' negligent power consumption
falls on the building operator

Operational overhead

This is yet another problem faced at large rental properties . As the number of rooms and buildings increase , the operational expenses also skyrocket . In many rental buildings for working people and students , there are fixed operation times for heavy duty appliances . For example , water heater may be operated between 7 am and 10 am everyday .

In most buildings , ACs are switched off during the day since most rooms are vacant during that time . Operating the water pumps , corridor lights , parking area lights , etc ... requires manual effort at present . Due to the repetitive nature of these jobs , employees are not always punctual and not attentive enough in their responsibilities . This can again translate into unnecessary power and water expenses and inefficient operations .

The repetitive nature of day
to day manual tasks build up operational
inefficiency over time

Our Solution

Hostel management with IOTIQ

IOTIQ provides a fully integrated and customizable smart hostel management solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of hostels of different sizes . It connects appliances in your hostel complex with a suite of Wi - fi enabled smart devices and allows you to control the entire hostel premises from a centralized web portal . Our smart devices can easily fit inside a switchboard and can be connected to appliances of various power ratings , allowing you to practically control any appliance in your building with a few clicks on our web portal .

How it works

Smart control through IOTIQ Enterprise Dashboard

All IOTIQ smart devices work in tandem with the IOTIQ Enterprise web portal . After installing the devices in your hostel complex , you can login to this web portal to monitor and control all the switches connected to IOTIQ devices . This means , without physically being in a room or a building , you can have the complete overview of all the appliances connected by IOTIQ devices in the web portal at any time of the day .

The web portal provides you complete view of the total number of connected appliance switches , the number of switches which are powered on and off along with the detailed power consumption stats . Its other salient features include automation features to automate operations on various combinations of appliances and as well as employee management features to efficiently delegate building operation tasks to employees .

Maximise Energy Savings

View power consumption in real time

By connecting our smart devices to your appliances , it becomes possible to view the power consumption of all connected appliances through our web portal . It allows you to see the power consumption in real time as they're being used . It also shows you peak consumption areas and the times during the day when maximum power is consumed , thus helps you identify ways to reduce power consumption .

Turn off unused appliances with Smart key - tags

By connecting a IOTIQ smart device to the central switch in every room , you get direct access to the central power point in the room . During day - time , when majority of hostel rooms are empty , it is possible to switch off the key - tags in the rooms from IOTIQ web portal without even entering into the room . This ensures that even if occupants left appliances switched on in the room , they can be turned off by a building operator himself .

Cut down power expenses on ACs and Geysers

In our web portal , you can create schedules to automatically turn off appliances at a preset time . This will help solve the problem of appliances operating when there is no human presence . Let's say , the AC's are switched on at 7 pm everyday . But if the room is occupied only by 9pm , the power gets wasted for 2 hours . Using schedules in IOTIQ web portal , the Ac's can be set to switch off automatically a few minutes after 7pm . This way , when the occupant enters the room later at night , he or she can manually turn it on if required . This way , without creating an inconvenience for the occupant , you have an effective way to avoid wastage of power .

Make Building Operations More Efficient

Group & Automate daily repetitive tasks

There are many tasks in the daily schedule of a hostel administration that are both time and labour intensive . Switching on lights in different corridors , verandahs , building entrances and exits in the evening and then switching them off in the morning require close attention . All these activities can be automated together on the web portal . With the routines feature , an ' evening task ' routine can be created to automate all these tasks at once , so that all the lights in the appropriate locations will turn on / off at the specified time on their own in the preset manner .

Reduce dependency on manual labour

You no longer have to rely on manual labor to operate your appliances . If you need to switch on the common geyser between 7 and 10 in the morning , you can set up a schedule for it in the web portal . The feature will automatically turn on and off the appliance without any manual interference .

Manage employee roles on the web portal

Different employee roles with appropriate permissions can be created in the web portal . A main administrator can assign these employee roles and delegate various responsibilities to each of them For example , if there are 3 buildings in the hostel complex , each building's operation can be delegated to one or more employees who'll have permission to create and review all the automated tasks in that building's premises . They can also view the dynamic power consumption stats and analysis of that building in order to optimize device operation timings to save maximum power .

Our credentials

With a pan - India distribution network , we've sold over 5500+ devices and installed in 700+ individual homes within a span of 4 months of product launch , across the country . Our distributors and dealers are present in major cities in India like New Delhi , Bangalore , Pune and Hyderabad . IOTIQ Certified electricians are present in all these cities to provide quality assistance for installation and subsequent support activities .