Office Automation


Conference Room Automation

Conference Room, Board Room, Executive Offices can all be automated to operate via Smart App for control of

  • Lighting
  • Fans
  • Air Conditioning
  • Blinds/Curtains
  • Projector mounts
  • Projection Screens
  • Concierge Call buttons
  • Conference Room booking
  • Conference Room Occupancy monitoring


Energy Cost Reduction

IOTIQ offers Award winning solutions for creating energy efficiency across the enterprise. Our portfolio of solutions are flexible and aimed at enabling ZERO energy waste.

  • Wireless Sensors for all Air-conditioning for Cabins, Aisles, Pantries, Warehouses and Production areas
  • Sensors for efficient Parking & Lighting
  • Centralized control and scheduling of Air Conditioning and Lighting


Energy Monitoring

IOTIQ enables single point control of all energy consumption across your enterprise. Access data from Smart Energy Meters.

For high consumption devices, our unique hardware allows energy consumption and other power harmonics monitoring without using any sub-metering.


Building Management System [BMS]

The ultimate centralized Smart App based control for all electrical switches and equipment within the Hospital.

Central monitoring of all sensors intended for safety (fire, gas), security (intrusion), operating parameter (temperature, humidity ) and more.

LED Lighting Solutions

Our product range includes LED fixtures such as Down lights, Tube light and more, suitable for all kind of facilities. These LEDs can be integrated easily with IOTIQ Switch Controllers to facilitate ZERO energy wastage.

These lights has an inbuilt motion sensor to TURN FULL when people are in Range and TURN DIM to 25% only when they leave. It is good choice for parking's, basements, stairways, green gallery, balcony, and offices.


Building Utilization Models of the various office facilities for an Enterprise can be uploaded and made available to users as one interface to access the controls of various typical office equipment represented in the system, such as light switches, air conditioning controls, exhaust fans or more.

It can also provide information from critical sensors such as indoor air quality such as CO2 levels, humidity, temperature and more.


IOTIQ Mobile & Desktop App provide a wide range of Infrastructure Management features, including

  • Control Whenever you want, from where ever you are
  • Schedule your appliances for perfect timing
  • Take automated actions with Workflows
  • Detect Deterioration in Machines or Solar Panels in advance


Seating Capacity Monitoring

Enterprises that have flexible seating policies need to be able to identify available seating locations easily. This solution allows for centralized monitoring of all seating locations through under chair sensors. This solution can be coupled with automated lighting control for energy conservation.


Wireless Call Buttons

These call buttons can be placed across an office for variety of uses. They can be used to alert the concierge for food service or they can be placed in wash-rooms and pantries for cleaning or supply needs.

The notification of these buttons can be received on central kiosks or Smart Apps. The historical data and analytics of such call request and fulfilment data can be used for planning staffing.

Our Hotel Automation Infrastructure is easily adaptable to children, adults and elders alike.
IOTIQ is able to work on its own without any human intervention.

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