Building Automation

Benifits of smart buildings

Attract a Diverse Group of
Prospective Buyers

A recent survey by Schneider Electric has found that 78 % of customers with a budget of 50 lakhs and above , desire to purchase a smart home. Advantages of loT such as enhanced home security features , ability to carefully monitor energy resources , make it a valuable proposition to all categories of home buyers , ranging from aspirational millennials to risk averse
middle - aged consumers .

Stay Ahead of the

The smart home market is growing at the rate of 30 percent every year. Even middle income consumers in semi - urban regions are showing great interest in smart tech solutions . IOTIQ's Smart Home solutions along with lot building management leverages the real estate developer to disrupt his market and differentiate himself when competing with rivals in this
cut - throat competitive market .

Get Great Value for Money

IOTIQ's smart home solution includes automating electrical appliances at home , letting users control them using a mobile app , scheduling and timing appliances as well as using voice assistants like Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa . With appropriate workflows based on their usage patterns , IOTIQ devices users can save up to 10-20 % of their electricity bills . This saving can be achieved at a price that is less than 0.5 % of the total cost of home purchase which will be a potential attraction for all home owners .

Convert your building into a smart home at any stage of development

The entire range of IOTIQ products can be integrated into a building at any stage of development without making any changes to the existing infrastructure . This means that even a fully constructed apartment building can be refurbished into a smart building without incurring huge labour costs . Realtors can add significant value to their unsold inventory by adding smart home capabilities to them , leading to renewed interest among prospective customers .

Smart Building Management

Enhanced Security & Surveillance System

  • Monitor intrusion at multiple points
  • Motion sensor and occupancy sensors to detect unusual activity
  • Smart emergency buttons for home users to notify security personnel immediately
  • Smart surveillance cameras for better security

Smart Water Management

  • Centralized control of water pumps
  • Measure real time water consumption of each home using smart flow sensors
  • Set schedules / routines to control water pumps

Smart Lighting System

  • Automate the lighting system with smart single phase controllers
  • Centralized control of the main area lights , parking lights , corridor lights etc.
  • Set workflows to turn on lights automatically using sensors
  • Create schedules / routines to operate lights

Centralized Building Management Dashboard

  • Generate detailed energy consumption reports
  • Carry out building security and surveillance tasks
  • Manage smart water and lighting systems

Smart Energy Meters

  • Track real - time power consumption at different locations in the building such as parking lots , gyms , etc. with smart energy meters
  • Track real - time power consumption of individual homes with smart energy meters
  • Set alerts to notify excess energy consumption above preset threshold limits .

IOTIQ Smart Home Futures


  • Lock room feature sends alerts to users in case of any intrusion
  • Lock / unlock home with smart lock to ensure secure access
  • Monitor motion in any room using motion and occupancy sensors
  • Use emergency button to alert security personnel when in need

Power tracking

  • View daily / monthly power consumption in real time
  • Track power consumed in individual rooms
  • See weekly trends in energy usage
  • Monitor power consumed by heavy duty appliances


  • Control home appliances with a tap on the phone
  • Use voice assistants to operate appliances with voice
  • Control all IR remote appliances using IOTIQ mobile app
  • Create custom light settings using scenes feature
  • Use smart delivery box to handle packages without any hassles


  • Set schedules to operate appliances at preset times
  • Create routines to control appliances on daily automatic schedules
  • Set workflows that control appliances based on surrounding conditions
  • Set auto - turn off timers to turn off appliances