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Safer environment to everyone. IOTIQ – home automation solution providers.

at your convenience & absolute ease

Let your place have our tech embedded

We offer you the technology-driven lifestyle in a platter. The voice commands or the taps make the applications responsive and changes the environment. You’ll be habituated to the commanding lifestyle with intelligence-powered automation solutions. Every effortless transformation from automation service providers makes you dive-in to experience awe-inspiring human intelligence.


Automating to Make your Place Smarter

You have a home or the office to automate, we have the technology. Artificial, voice and sensing intelligence developed by our core team enhances the way you live. The insider of the products is extremely compact, sophisticated, and technically bold in terms of technology, layout, and design. We offer complete intelligence and customized automation for your space.

Be it a professional or home, IOTIQ solutions have smart controls to the appliances installed.

Experience the Ultimate with smart automation systems.


Advanced Security Options on a Tap

The internet-enabled appliance creates “wow” effects as you speak or tap it. Define the access control, choose your own language, and say your mood for the miracle to happen around you. Advanced algorithms that we define create massive responsiveness thus ensuring quality and high performance for the intelligent automation you’ve installed at your place.


Innovation at the C.O.R.E as Automation Solution Providers

Schedule your timings as you experience our innovative solutions every day. Be it a workspace or home, we are driven by the Cognitive Organizational Rule Engine. Start off your day to the end, Wi-Fi enabled appliances can be operated far from home and without the internet, operate them when you’re within the place. A difference in lifestyle redefined.

Our Home Automation Infrastructure is easily adaptable to children, adults and elders alike.
IOTIQ is able to work on its own without any human intervention.

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